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Following are tours and programs that I will be guiding that are “open registration”;  that is, they are available to whoever is interested and for whom the trip would be a good fit. In both cases, I’ve referred you to the trip organizers who should be contacted for further information.  Pass on the information to your relatives, friends and anyone who might benefit from one of these amazing experiences.

Note: all the following tours/programs serve certified- kosher food and are appropriate for Shabbat-observers.

MARCH 4 – 11, 2018

The Holy Land: In the Footsteps of Christianity

March 11-14: Optional add-on to Eilat and Petra, Jordan!!

Programming by:  IWiLL: Israel With Lori Lasday

This Christian-oriented tour of Israel (open to all denominations) gives our clients a spiritual and historical view of  the Holy Land with a particular emphasis on the major landmarks all featured in the Old and New Testament.

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Some of the sites we will visit are:

Church of the Mt. of the Beatitudes

•Mt. Carmel (Elijah and the prophets of Baal)
•Megiddo  (Armageddon)
•Golan Heights: Banias (Caesarea Philippi)
•Nazareth: Church of the Annunciation
•Mt. of the Beatitudes
•Sea of Galilee
•Masada and the Dead Sea
•Jerusalem: Mt. of Olives, Christian and Jewish Quarters
The newly renovated Church of the Holy Sepulchre
Western Wall

For Further Information contact: LORI LASDAY, Tel. 973-868-7774
or email: IWiLLIsrael@gmail.com

MARCH 11-22, 2018:

Joe Dance TA

Jim Gold and Joe Israeli dancing on the streets of Tel Aviv!

Join the inimitable Jim Gold on a multi-faceted, cultural folk tour of Israel. Meet the Israeli people, sing their songs, enjoy their dances and visit historical sites. Learn folk dances with outstanding Israeli choreographers and teachers. Attend workshops on Arab Debka, Yemenite and even Circassian dances. This will be the third time that Jim Gold is partnering with Joe Freedman in presenting a unique and memorable Israel experience.

For Itinerary and Further Information 

Kurds with group

Jim Gold (4th from right) and his group with Jewish musicians in Kurdish costume