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Contact Joe for information about:

  • Private tours for individuals, couples, families with young children (or multi-generationBnai Brith 10.13-7) or just a group of friends
  • Synagogue or church groups; pilgrimages; interfaith groups
  • Special interest groups (e.g., focus on hiking, archaeology and ancient history, modern hist
    ory and sociology, geopolitics, music and dance, spirituality, and so on )
  • Educational institutions and missions (school study tours, school boards, university seminars, community center staff, Federations, etc.)
  • Bar/Bat Mitzva or other life-cycle celebrations

All of my tours are custom –made, whether for a…
; such as: Jerusalem Old City, Jerusalem New City, Tel Aviv, Masada/Dead Sea, 1948 War battle sites, Western Negev…

♦TWO- OR THREE-DAY EXCURSION; e.g., Two-days/1 night or 3-days/2-nights to the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) and environs, the Western Galilee (Acco, Haifa, and so on), the Dead Sea area,  hiking in the northern Negev…or

of seven, 10 or 12 days – or more, touching on the multi-layered history and beauty of the country.

Please take a few moments to learn a little bit about my background (see “About Joe”) and see what other people have said about my guiding

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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Joe Freedman, Ed.D.
Licensed Tour Guide, Israel Ministry of Tourism
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“To the Land that I will show you…”  Genesis 12:1