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Light and Jerusalem / אור וירושלים

Starting Sunday evening, May 9 through Monday, May 10 we observe “Yom Yerushalayim” – Jerusalem Day, marking the day on the Hebrew calendar when the Old City of Jerusalem (and especially the Kotel  – the Western Wall), was liberated during the Six-day War and became part of one united Jerusalem under Israeli control. For many…Continue readingLight and Jerusalem / אור וירושלים

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Wilfrid Israel: The Humble Hero of German Jewry

Where is ‘Wilfrid Israel’ Street in Jerusalem? Sorry, you could look on Waze or Google Maps, but you won’t find a street in Jerusalem (or elsewhere in Israel) named for Wilfrid Israel: a remarkable Jew, and proud German, who saved many more Jews than Oskar Schindler – before and during the Holocaust. However, in the…Continue readingWilfrid Israel: The Humble Hero of German Jewry

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Jerusalem: Follow the Lights!

The amazing festival of lights in Jerusalem! Even if you can’t make it to drive around the city to the displays you can enjoy it vicariously by clicking above. You’ll find some very brief guiding clips for the different sites (yours truly “appears” at the Israel Museum and at the Cinematheque bridge). Enjoy and have…Continue readingJerusalem: Follow the Lights!

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A 1500 Year-Old Cistern – Under a Playground!

In 2005, in a residential neighborhood of Jerusalem, archaeologists discovered a huge water cistern (reservoir) from the Byzantine Period, some 1500 years ago. Watch this brief video to see how this came about:Continue readingA 1500 Year-Old Cistern – Under a Playground!

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Zivia and Yitzhak Street: A Holocaust Survival Story

Joe Freedman, Ed.D.(In honor of International Holocaust Memorial Day, January 27) “A good name is better than fragrant oil” (Ecclesiastes 7:1) Did you know that Jerusalem has a street named:   רחוב צביה ויצחק“Rehov Tziviya ve-Yitzhak” (Zivia and Yitzhak street)?  Jerusalem – as well as most cities in Israel – is super meticulous about naming streets.…Continue readingZivia and Yitzhak Street: A Holocaust Survival Story

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Virtual Tour: The City Lines of Jerusalem

In celebration of YOM HA’ATZMAUT – Israeli Independence Day (which was celebrated on April 29) – I’m honored that the World Mizrachi Movement (religious Zionists) has asked me to “guide” a virtual tour called: “THE CITY LINES OF JERUSALEM:1948-67 and 1967 – TODAY.” The virtual tour can be found below. Following is a quick description:Through…Continue readingVirtual Tour: The City Lines of Jerusalem