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IsraCLIPS: brief virtual tours of sites in Israel. See the first installment: A discovery from 2600 years ago! and a Second Temple Period (1st Century CE) Burial Cave I’ve also posted A Virtual Tour of Jerusalem: The City Lines: 1948-1967-Today. Please check out my YouTube channel here.Continue readingIsraCLIPS

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IsraCLIPS: Short Videos of Israel with Joe Freedman

Shalom to all! Here in Israel life is slowly returning to “normal,” though we still have a long way to go. Since international travel is still weeks or months away, I decided to bring some clips of Israel to you: IsraCLIPS. Of course nothing can replace being here and being part of the landscape, but in…Continue readingIsraCLIPS: Short Videos of Israel with Joe Freedman

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Virtual Tour: The City Lines of Jerusalem

In celebration of YOM HA’ATZMAUT – Israeli Independence Day (which was celebrated on April 29) – I’m honored that the World Mizrachi Movement (religious Zionists) has asked me to “guide” a virtual tour called: “THE CITY LINES OF JERUSALEM:1948-67 and 1967 – TODAY.” The virtual tour can be found below. Following is a quick description:Through…Continue readingVirtual Tour: The City Lines of Jerusalem